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 How to make a Stickied Post.

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PostSubject: How to make a Stickied Post.   Sun May 16, 2010 3:09 am

Have you wanted to make a post that gets stickied, hot topic, or even just gets lots of views and some thank you's.
Well here I have the Ultimate guide to get a sticky, hot topic, get some views, get lots of comments, get rep, get thank you's.
If you like this post and it worked for you or you think it will work please say thank you

Step 1 (One of the most important rules): Never ever ask for rep, asking for rep symbolizes begging for something ModernModdz does not like beggars, also people will rep you but guaranteed it will be red (Negative)

Step 2 (This will make people like the post more): Good information and supporting details, always post as much information as you can but don't make too long or people will lose attractions, its like a book if it starts getting long and boring you will automatically set it down move to the next one (Close your internet open up a new one).
And always make sure your not posting stuff that is fake (Posting useless information) Only post it if you think its worth posting, making ask a friend to read it on aim first.

Step 3 (This will make it more pleasurable to read): Correct spelling and grammer, you always want correct spelling if not people will not understand your post at that making it useless. Grammer matters it shows you put in a bit more time too make your post smoothly read and easier to understand.

Step 4 (This will attract more attention) The title, make the title as exciting as you can, make it the thing that really pops out in the posts. But remember if your posting about a new glitch, or something that happened in real life dont say. "Real Call of duty 7 Footage" That is just using something fake too draw attention it can be actually mean, so remember just post something from the actual post.

Step 5 : Don't ask for a sticky from a mod, on the post through pm through aim through Facebook through nothing. It is there choice and rightfully there choice, asking for it will get you nowhere except a locked topic.

Step 6 : Do not bump your post five minutes after posting, this will cause minus rep and people too call you spammers and not give you that thanks or rep that your looking for. Also never double post it will show you are also trying to bump your topic. If you want to post edit your previous reply.

Step 7 : Add colors and cool things to your posts or tutorials, if its a tutorial add videos and pictures try and give as much information as you can as said in step 2. Warning do not make it to many colors or it will be impossible to read!

Step 8 : You do not have to reply to every single post you get on the topic, its even better if you don't then you can see how many people are actually posting. Its kind of considered spam bumping if your replying non stop. Like if someone says good post dont just say Thanks. Wait for a few posts and if you don't get a few reply once and then if know one else reply don't reply again.

Step 9 : Do not gravedig. What is gravedigging? Gravedigging is when you reply to your or someone else's when its old even a few hours and there hasn't been a post. For the people on this topic it will be your post if someone has replied in a while (Few hours) do not double post to bump it or tell your friend to post. Just wait till you get reply's, obviously if your not getting reply's it wasn't that helpful of a post and they didn't want to thank you.

Step 10 : Do not post misleading links or links taking you to a different site it will automatically be removed and people may - rep you and or report you for advertising another site so dont do it!

I will add more steps eventually.

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How to make a Stickied Post.
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