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 Perks In a Nutshell

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PostSubject: Perks In a Nutshell   Sat May 22, 2010 10:22 pm

Perk Slot 1

Marathon|Marathon Pro
Unlocked at: Level 1
Ability: Unlimited sprint.
Pro Ability: Get over obstacles faster.
Description: Marathon is a perk which allows the player to use the sprint feature all the time without having to stop and walk, Marathon Pro is achieved when the player runs 26 miles with the Marathon perk attached. Once he has done this Marathon Pro allows him to climb over obstacles faster
Strategy:You will need to use this class: Marathon, Cold-Blooded and Ninja this makes you undetectable on Radar/Undetectable on Heartbeat sensors. Making the task in hand easier. So i would pick a map like Afgan or Wasteland and slap this class on and just run around the Map until you unlock Marathon Perk (TIP- Use a strong Assault Rifle to keep yourself protected under attack)

Sleight of Hand|Sleight of Hand Pro
Unlocked at: Level 1
Ability: Faster reloading.
Pro Ability: Gives a speed boost to how fast you can aim down the sight of your weapon.
Description:Sleight of Hand is a perk which allows you to reload the magazine of your weapon quicker. Sleight of Hand Pro allows you to Aim down your sights faster which is good for Sniper using an ACOG sight.
Strategy:This perk is very simple to achieve as it only needs you to get 120 kills with the perk equipped to receive the Pro perk. So any map is good to get this challenge done on but i would suggest maps such as Karachi, Skidrow which are medium sized maps. As you will want to do the challenge with either an Assault Rifle or Sub Machine Gun.

Scavenger|Scavenger Pro
Unlocked at: Level 13
Ability: Full resupply from dead enemies
Pro Ability: Extra magazines.
Description: This again is a very simple perk to archive pro on in a good evenings play, Scavenger allows the player to pick up dead players ammunition so it can be used in thier gun, to achieve Pro you must Scavenge around 100 pieces of ammunition once this is done Scavenger allows the player to respawn with extra ammo magazines a bit like bandoiler in COD 4.
Strategy:I would suggest using this perk on any maps, but if you want to get it quickly i would suggest doing it on a small map such as Rust as there will be a lot of dead/dying comrades. All you need to do i run over the dead body and if you see a small blue package you will be able to Scavenge the Ammunition. This perk is simple to get to Pro but will take a while.

Bling|Bling Pro
Unlocked at: Level 21
Ability: 2 primary weapon attachments.
Pro Ability: 2 secondary weapon attachments.
Description:Again like the last two this perk is relatively easy to achieve all you will need to do is kill around 200 enemy's when you have two weapon attachments on your weapon. Once mastered Bling Pro lets you give your secondary weapon two attachments all well as your primary.
Strategy:I would just use it on any map really it doesn't take too much skill all you need to do is kill 250 enemy's which will come over time, you can use this perk on any weapon so it can be achieved on any map.

One Man Army|One Man Army Pro
Unlocked at: Level 45
Ability: Replaces your secondary weapon. This allows you to change your class at any given time during a match.
Pro Ability: Swaps classes even faster.
Decription:This again is similar to the above three perks you have to just get 120kills with the One Man Army attached. The perk allows you to switch class when you have not died but in the middle of camping/running and gunning. The Pro perk just get the transaction between weapons a lot faster.
Strategy:This is basically the same as the other perks but you will need to have it as you Perk 1 to get it done, all you need to do is once run out of ammo on your weapon simply press the start button and choose you class, then once completed you will have a gun filled with fresh ammo. This perk is handy on maps like Wasteland as after sniping and you want to rush the Underground so you can switch to your SMG class so you can efficeintly clear the bunker.

Perk Slot 2

Stopping Power|Stopping Power Pro
Unlocked at: Level 1
Ability: Increased bullet damage.
Pro Ability: Increased bullet damage vs. helicopters and aircrafts.
Description:So Stopping Power is a perk that gives the weapon that using an extra damage boost, To get Stopping Pro you will need to get 250kills with the perk attached, Stopping Power Pro gives the bullets extra damage and also does extra bullet damage towards vehicles.
Strategy:This perk is very easy to get it's very similiar to Bling and One Man Army it requires you to get 250kills with Stopping Power equipped. Stopping power is a very useful perk so it won't be hard to get 250 kills. I would recommend using any Gun but especially the Assault Rifles just because their easy to get kills with in general. The perk can be used on any maps (This perk is one of the easiest to master and get it to the Pro level.

Lightweight|Lightweight Pro
Unlocked at: Level 1
Ability: Move faster.
Pro Ability: Allows you to do a quick aim after sprinting.
Description:So lightweight allows you to sprint faster around the maps. Lightweight Pro allows you from after Sprinting you can aim down the sights quicker. You will need to sprint 30miles to unlock Pro.
Strategy:To get his perk from regular to Pro you will need to sprint 30 miles this will be very similar to the Marathon perk to achieve, i would again used The perks : Marathon, Lightweight and Commando this will allow you to Run around the map without stopping. You can kill two birds with one stone by using Marathon and Lightweight as you can complete two challenges in one. but you don't have to of course. I would suggest the maps Wasteland, Afghan and Underpass.

Hardline|Hardline Pro
Unlocked at: Level 9 .
Ability: Killstreaks require 1 less kill.
Pro Ability: Death Streaks require 1 less death.
Description:The Hard-line perks makes Killstreaks require 1 less kill, for example when trying to get a Harrier Strike it will take 6 kills as opposed to 7. To get the perk Hard-line to Pro you will need to get 40 killstreaks. For example you will need to get 40 UAV's but with Hard-line it will require 2 kills. Once reached Pro all your death streaks will require 1 less death.
Strategy:The easiest way to get this perk up to Pro you will need to use the killstreaks UAV, Care Package and Predator Missile. The means you will only need to get 4 kills in a row to get this rewards. The easiest maps to get these on would be the medium sized maps such as: Karachi, Terminal and Favela. This is because there are plenty of places to camp and get killstreaks this perk is quite easy to achieve especially when using a M16 or SCAR-H.

Cold-Blooded|Cold-Blooded Pro
Unlocked at: Level 21
Ability:Undetectable by UAV, air support, Sentry Guns, and thermal.
Pro Ability: No red crosshair or name shown when you are targeted.
Description:So Cold-Blooded is a perk which makes you Undetectable by UAV, air support, Sentry Guns, and thermal. To get Cold-Blooded pro you will need to shoot down/destroy 40 enemy killstreaks for example Harriers and Attack Helicopters. The cold-blooded pro perk makes you not show up as a red cross-hair or your name shown when you are targeted.
Strategy:This perk is also relatively easy to complete, i would suggest equipping a Stinger Missle and a RPD light-machine gun this is because the stingers comes as standard to missiles so you can destroy Pave lows and Attack Helicopter with ease. I would use the RPD as the preserve the stingers you can take down the UAV planes down with the RPD easily. So with cold-blooded equippted this will be even easier. I would also use Scavenger so you can pick up more Stinger Missiles and RPD rounds. This perk will work on any map really but works best on Medium to Large maps.

Danger Close|Danger Close Pro
Unlocked at: Level 33
Ability: Increases explosive weapons damage.
Pro Ability: Increases air support damage.
Description:Danger close is a perk which increases explosive weapons damage, this is useful when using Grenade Launchers, RPG's and AT4's. Danger Close pro enables you to increase the damage your air support will cauese. To get Danger Close pro you will need to get 100 kills with Launchers and rockets.
Strategy:This perk again will be easy to get with practise as all you need to do is get kills with RPG's and Rifle propelled grenades my suggestion would be to use it on small maps such as: Rust, Scrapyard and Terminal. I would also say use the weapons on gamemodes such as Headquarters and Domination as a lot of players will be in the location of the objectives so east multi-kills.

Perk Slot 3

Commando|Commando Pro
Unlocked At: Level 1
Ability: Increased melee distance.
Pro Ability: You don't take any damage from falling.
Description:Commando Pro is a perk that will increase the melee distance of your knife, Riot Shield and tactical knife. The pro perk allows you make you not take any damage from falling off buildings, walls etc. To get the Pro perk you will need to get 20 knife kills.
Strategy:To get this perk up to Pro you can use this Knife Monkey class:
Sub Machine Gun (UMP/MP5k/..)
USP.45(Tactical Knife)
With this class you will be unstoppable when Knifing people, I would still suggest using the class on a small map. Such as Rust, Scrapyard etc. I would only use this class on domination and Headquaters as there will be a lot on enemy's in one spot allowing you to gain multiple kills.

Steady Aim|Steady Aim Pro
Unlocked at: Level 1
Ability: Increased hip-fire accuracy.
Pro Ability: You can hold your breath for a longer period of time.
Description:This perk allows you fire you gun from the hip with increased accuracy, this is very helpful in CQB situations. The pro perk allows you to be able to Hold your breath loneger when using a Sniper Scope/A thermal scope on the Assault Rifles,LMG etc. You will need to get 80 kills from the hip to get this perk to pro.
Strategy:The strategy for this perk is quite simple, you wont be able to do it in an evenings play as it takes a long time to complete. You will only be able to complete this challenge when you are close to the enemy (Inside a building). I would suggest maps such a Favela. Highrise and Karachi as there are a lot of small buildings great for camping and waiting for enemy's to run past. I would suggest cold-blooded and a silencer so when you are camping you cannot be found as quickly.

Scrambler|Scrambler Pro
Unlocked at: Level 17
Ability: Scrambles (jams) the enemy radar in a small radius.
Pro Ability: Delays enemy Claymores, thus allowing you to avoid the explosion if you are fast enough.
Description:Scrambler is a perk which allows you to scramble the enemys radar when you are close to them, The pro perk allows you to Delay the enemy Claymores, thus allowing you to avoid the explosion if you are fast enough. You will need 50 close range kills the same as Ninja Pro.
Strategy:The strategy to get this perk is the same as Ninja you will need to pick a small map such as:Rust or Scrapyard and pick a small room and wait for the enemy's to pour in makes sure you have a shotgun of your choice(Maybe put a silencer on) wait till the enemy's run past and pick them off. You could easily master this perk in one evenings play.

Ninja|Ninja Pro
Unlocked at: Level 29
Ability: Invisible to heartbeat sensors.
Pro Ability: Allows you to move silently.
Description:The perk Ninja makes you undetectable on enemy's Heartbeat sensors this is very useful for SnD matches, The pro perk makes you footsteps very quiet. So even players with Turtle Beach headsets would not be able to hear you. To get the pro perk you need to get 50(up close CQB kills).
Strategy:This perk is very simple to achieve but will take a while to do. You will need to have a Shotgun as your secondary weapon, as you tend only to use a shotgun in CQB situations. I would suggest the AA-12. The maps i would use it on would be: Rust, Scrapyard and Quarry. Mainly because these maps are small and have plenty of buildings to unleash the AA-12.

SitRep|SitRep Pro
Unlocked at: Level 37
Ability: Insertions. This will reveal enemy explosives and Tactical Insertions.
Pro Ability: Makes enemy footsteps louder.
Description:Sit-rep is a perk that shows enemy explosives and Tactical Insertion on your mini-map. On seeing a claymore it will glow red, you can see this through wall. The pro perk allows you to hear the enemy's footsteps even louder than before. You will need to destroy 120 pieces of enemy explosive i.e. C4, Claymores.
Strategy:This perk takes absolute years to complete, you will need to destroy nearly 120 pieces of enemy equipment. This will be very hard to do seeing as how fewer people are using claymores and C4. However if you are to use Sit-Rep on maps like Afgan,Wasteland and Highrise when there are a lot of Sniper trusting the Claymores to watch their backs. At most you will get to destroy 3 pieces each game. The perk is one of the hardest to complete. So for that reason alone i would leave this perk till the end to try and master it.

Last Stand|Last Stand Pro
Unlocked at: Level 41
Ability: Allows you to survive a normal death. You will drop to the ground and pull out your pistol.You can crawl in Last Stand, which was not possible in Call of Duty 4. Last Stand ends after ~10 seconds or if you get shot again, and in both cases, you will die.
Pro Ability: This allows you to use your equipment too, for example, frag grenades and throwing knives.
Description:Last Stand one of the staple perks from Call of Duty 4, it allows you to survive a normal death, but the you will drop to the ground and pull out your pistol. The pro perk allows you to use your equipment on last stand too, for example, frag grenades and throwing knives.
Strategy:Last Stand is very simple as you need to do is wait until and enemy shoot you and puts you into last stand. You will then be sat on the floor with your secondary weapon(this will only be a Machine Pistol/Handgun). So i would suggest a Medium sized map such as Karachi,Skidrow or even Rust. I would suggest using the M93 Raffica as it's basically a M16 in a pistol.

Death Streaks

Unlocked at: Level 1
3 Deaths
Steal your killer's class in killcam.Copy the loadout of the enemy that killed you on your fourth death.

Unlocked at Level 6
4 deaths
Big health boost when you spawn.Triple health for ten seconds after respawn.

Unlocked at:Level 27
4 deaths
Drop a live grenade just after dying.The cooked grenade explodes after one second.

Final Stand
Unlocked at: Level 38
4 deaths
Get back up after being wounded.Last Stand, but you will be able to use your primary weapon and fully recover after 10 seconds without being shot again.


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Perks In a Nutshell
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