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 Perk Glitchs

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PostSubject: Perk Glitchs   Sat May 22, 2010 10:32 pm

As Many of You know there are Perk Glitches to help you achieve those rotten Pro'd perks Faster. The Best way to do this is in 3rd Person Cage Match(If you Haven't got into an Unlock all Lobby lol)

So the Perks you can easily Glitch Up to pro are....

  • Last Stand
  • Cold-Blooded
  • Marthon+Lightweight

Last Stand Pro
1.Level 45
2.Perk One=One Man
3.Perk Three=Last Stand
4.Death Streak=Final Stand

1.The Person who wants to do the Glitch Needs to Die 4 times, and be put in Final Stand
2.Then They need to need to use One Man Army and change to the same class or one with Last stand.
3.When the person Survives Final Stand Every Kill they get till they Die will Count as a kill in Last Stand.
4.You only need 20 kills to get the Pro so you will Unlock it in one game.

ColdBlooded Pro
1.Level 25
2.Perk Two=Clood Blooded
3.Tatical Insertions

1.Drop your Tatical Insertion and let your Buddy get Kills(9 for the pavelow)
2.Have Him Call in his Pave Low and Shoot it down till it starts Spinning(Use LMG i.e. RPD)
3.Start Shooting Your LMG at it till you cant see it anymore.
4. You may want to repeat this For you can fully pro it.

Marathon Pro + Lightweight Pro
1.Knowledge on how to do elevators
2.Perk One=Marathon
3.Perk Two=Lieghtweight

1.Get outside of Karachi using the elevator (OpFor spawn)
2.Run up the street turn right, drop down, and run for the edge of the map.
3.Once you fall off the map click the left stick and hold your joystick forward so the game will think you are sprinting.
4.Keep sprinting while falling and in 4-5 mins you'll have sprinted 250 miles. Your falling so fast and for some reason IW made it so that while you are in the air as long as your sprinting it adds on to your challenge.
5.Notice if you dont not know how to do elevators then this is not for you

There are some easier Ways to get other Pro's. They are not Glitchs but you will acheive them Faster by Using these Strategies.

These Perks are...

  • Sit Rep

SitRep Pro
1.Level 45
2.Perk One=OMA(One Man Army)
3.Perk Three=Sit Rep
4.Equipment=Tatical Insertion

1.Drop your Tatical Insertion
2.Change Back to the same Kit with OMA
3.Then Deny your buddys Tatical Insertion
5. This took me a total of 20 Boring minutes.

Hope this helps


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Perk Glitchs
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