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 Perks In a Nutshell

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PostSubject: Perks In a Nutshell   Sat May 22, 2010 10:15 pm

A Perk is a special ability, skill, or weapon. They become unlocked throughout the game as you rank up. You are allowed up to three Regular Perks and One Vehicle Perk per Custom Class. The Perks are divided into three categories. Set one includes eight Perks, Set Two and Set Three Include Ten Perks

The perks are divided in this way so that players cannot double up on combinations like (Flamethrower, Bazooka, and Satchel Charges.). Even with these Restrictions, there are many powerful combinations of Perks. What Follows Is a detailed Chart Listing And Describing Each Perk, the set in which it is located, and at what level it becomes Available.


Special Grenades x3
Unlock at: Level 1
Providing Three of your choice of special grenades. Does NOT work with Smoke grenades. Great for distraction duties with flares and camping with gas

Satchel Charges x2
Unlock at: Level 1
A powerful Explosive. Eefficient at destroying almost anything, Including tanks. Double tap the reload button detonate charges that are deployed. The fire button also sets off a satchel charge.

M9A1 Bazooka x2
Unlock at: Level 2
A handheld, Shoulder-Fired rocket launcher designed for use against tanks and Personnel. Its Flight is a bit Erratic so try to minimize the flight Distance to your target for the best accuracy and damage.

Bomb Squad
Unlock at: Level 16
Allows you to see any explosive devices currently planted on any map. A symbol on your screen marks all enemy explosives. Use this perk to avoid Bouncing Betty�s or satchel charges.

Bouncing Betty�s x2
Unlock at: Level 24
A set and Forget Anti-Personnel Explosive. Best used to protect your Flank when Sniping, Or Setting booby traps in high traffic areas. Also great for protect Objective sites like Search and Destroy modes. When triggered, the Explosive shoots up from and explodes in the enemies face. Tanks can also trigger a Bouncing Betty�s

Unlock at: Level 40
Provides Additional Ammo for Both your Primary and Secondary Weapon, Includes Pistol. Handy for Weapons that have small clips and high fire rates. Consider using in combination with Double tab.

Primary Grenades x2
Unlock at: Level 44
Gives you Two Primary Grenades, Only FRAGS. When you have two to Deploy, get your first one off at the beginning of the match. But save your second Grenade in case you need to Flush an area out.

M2 Flamethrower
Unlock at: Level 65
The M2 Is a great Close-Encounters Weapon. It isn�t any more efficective than the Trench Gun but it�s more fun. Use it to Clear rooms or tunnels. This weapon never runs out of Fuel, It only Overheats. You cannot fire while its cooling down and flashing yellow.


Stopping Power
Unlock at: Level 1
Increases the amount of damage inflicted by each bullet. Combine with Deep Impact for complete Devastation Especially useful on suppressor of flash hider equipped weapons to compensate for loss of power due to Attachments.

Unlock at: Level 1
Higher Explosive Weapons. Increase the damage and radius of all explosives you deploy. Great use for against tanks with satchel charges, bazookas, and sticky Grenades.

Flak Jacket
Unlock at: Level 1
Reduces explosive a Damage. Hate dying in the initial barrage of grenades? Consider this perk to help shield your body from the effects of all explosives, great protection against bouncing betters you may never see

Gas Mask
Unlock at: Level 2
The Gas Mask Keeps you from Suffering the disorienting effect of tabun gas grenades. A good Perk to have unlock for matches where the enemy team keep your team at bay by gas.

Unlock at: Level 4
This perk allows you to soak up extra damage and just keep going. Allows you to be the decoy and bolt out into the as a distraction and make it across the road helps you live through side-stepping fire fights

Unlock at: Level 12
Need to hide from the recon planes that what to give away your position away? This keeps you hidden and off enemy radar. If want the full stealth, Remember a flash hider or suppressor

Sleight of Hand
Unlock at: Level 28
Greatly increase reload speed this perk cuts down the reload time on any firearm you are using, best used in conjunction with light and heavy machine guns, sub-machine guns, and shotguns.

Unlock at: Level 32
This perks keeps you from being blinded by the signal flare. Consider using this with signal and special grenades x3 perk in close quartered maps

Double Tab
Unlock at: Level 36
Increase the firing rate of your weapon. Its especially effective on weapons with slower firing rates. The downside is that it chews up thru ammo. Consider combining with bandolier perk.

Unlock at: Level 56
Replaces your side arm(pistol) with and additional Primary weapon. This is a great perk that allows you to select a sniper rifle with long range and accuracy as well as a close quarter weapon like a fully auto sum-machine Gun


Deep Impact
Unlock at: Level 1
Great for snipers, this perk allows greater bullet penetration, allowing you to shoot through more objects, such as thicker walls

Extreme Conditioning
Unlock at: Level 1
Allows you to Sprint longer. Great for game modes such as headquarters where you need to rush from one of the map to the other as quickly as possible. Also helpful on maps with large open areas that you may need to cross quickly and dodge sniper fire.

Steady Aim
Unlock at: Level 1
Increases the accuracy of any weapon when firing from the hip. You needn�t sight down the barrel or pull up your scope all the time with this perk. It tights up your cross hairs and your cone of fire.

Toss Back
Unlock at: Level 7
Resets grenade timer to three seconds regardless of how long it has been cooked. The moment you pick up a grenade, Its timer is reset. Giving you plenty of time to return the grenade to its original owner.

Second Chance
Unlock at: Level 10
When you take near fatal damage and hit the deck, this perk allows you to pull out your pistol for a few seconds to exact revenge. Additionally, if anyone of your teammates have this perk too, they can perform first aid on you and bring you back to life. You can create a rudimentary medic class with this perk

Unlock at: Level 20
Pull Out and Drop a live grenade before you die. Be careful using this perk in game modes that have team damage enabled as grenades do not discriminate.

Unlock at: Level 48
Reduces the Fire Damage from Burning Objects, and Molotov Cocktails. Those who enjoy Flamethrowers should consider this perk.

Dead Silence
Unlock at: Level 52
Reduces the amount of notice you emit. The perfect complement to a stealth class. Audio is one of the key Elements to the game. This perk allows you to run while making about as much noise as if you were crouching.

Iron Lungs
Unlock at: Level 60
Increases the length of time you can hold your breath and steady your shot. This perk is Sniper Rifle Specific and will not work with any other scoped weapons. Allows you to fire a few rounds before you must steady your aim again.

Unlock at: Level 64
Allows you to see any dogs, Artillery strikes, or occupied enemies tanks on your map. Designate someone on your team to use this perk and relay this info to your team.

Vehicle Perks

Water Cooler
Unlock at: Level 1
Decreases turrets overheat. Lets you keep your machine Bun in service longer to mow down more enemies. It is the Perfect Perk if you lie to use the tank to move to a strategic spot, then use it as a machine gun platform.

Greased Bearings
Unlock at: Level 2
Increases the speed of turret rotation. This gives the turret a faster turning speed so you can easily track moving targets. This perk is more Beneficial for the machine gun the tanks main weapon.

Ordnance Training
Unlock at: Level 12
Increase reload speed. This provides a significant increase in the speed at which the tank�s main gun is reloaded. Lets you put more rounds downrange at enemy tanks before they can reload and retaliate.

Unlock at: Level 28
This Perk Increases the overall speed of your tank. This is very helpful in tank battles when you are timing your shots and trying to dodge incoming enemy tan shells. Fire and gun it behind a building or other cover to avoid the next enemy shot.

Coaxial Machine Gun
Unlock at: Level 40
Allows the driver to a fire a forward mounted machine gun. This not the same gun as the turret, so don�t worry about losing any firepower. Although the range and motion is limited, It�s still a machine gun and effective against enemy troops.

Hope this helps happy


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Perks In a Nutshell
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